Everyone remembers the first house they moved in to – whether it was as a child with your family, as a university student with friends, or with your spouse – because your home is a piece of your identity.


At Solstice International Realty, we understand the importance of that link and make sure that you're incredibly happy with your home and its value as a long-term investment.


By doing more than just selling you a home and working with you as a partner, we do what we can to make that succeed.

We're always looking to expand our pool of talent. We want passionate, dedicated, affable people who love working with our clients to make their home-owning dreams a reality. Making that deep connection with your clients is something few jobs can offer.

Solstice International Realty is also a dynamic workplace when you're not showing our numerous clients gorgeous properties. We urge you to come check us out – you'll be surprised by how un-like other offices we really are.

our historY

NCAA assistant Coach Allen Caveness joins the Solstice Team as a new agent to the real estate business.

Solstice International Realty is founded bringing aboard talented real estate agents along with huge success covered by several press sources such as The Los Angeles Times and Forbes.



Two beautiful experienced agents join the Solstice Team: Kimberly Stuart and Miriam Bolber


Tiffany Wortinger and Anita Garren join the Solstice Team as leading Leasing Ladies.


job opportunities

Ashleigh Brown got a fresh start joining the Solstice Team as a real estate agent. Donna Bohana enters the lime line in HGTV's House Hunters Los Angeles October 10th, 2014! Nakadia McIntyre joins Solstice with over 20 years experience to the Real Estate Market. Lisa Arden joins the Solstice as the Director of International Sales & Leasing.

who we are


Donna Bohana establishes her career as a top real estate agent with Coldwell Banker earning several merits and awards for her success in the housing market.



Shannon Gilman joins as a real estate agent. Emery Lizet Romero joins the Solstice Team as a graphic designer and assistant to the president.